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We offer a simple solution to communities & tenant-owner associations.

Boat pool especially for the residents of the association. It does not matter if your association is close to the water or far inland. We will find a jetty to dock your boat at.

Sweden's first tenant-owner associations with their own boat pools

In Stockholm, there are some unique tenant-owner associations. Namely Sweden’s first Brfs with its own boat pool for the members of the association.


In collaboration with the real estate companies, we have developed a service specially designed for a tenant-owner association. In the spring of 2017, the first of these boat pools was launched.

We deliver a complete service with full service of the boat and simple booking system for the residents.

How does a boat pool work for a tenant-owner association?

In short, it works so that your association buys or leases a boat which we then take care of. You also get access to our booking system where the residents access your boat's own booking calendar and where everyone's bookings are logged.

We sign a service agreement where we undertake to take care of the boat all year round. The agreement is signed at a fixed annual cost that includes all fixed costs for the boat, such as insurance, jetty, engine service, winter storage, maintenance, etc. Then you only announce when the boat will be launched in the spring and when it is no longer used in the autumn. We fix the rest.

If your association does not have access to its own jetty, we can help arrange a place for your boat.

What type of boat can the association have?

We offer our service regardless of the type of boat / boats your association obtains. Everything from small, open motorboats to larger overnight motorboats and sailboats.

Everything from small, open motorboats to larger overnight motorboats and sailboats.

Contact us for a quote on the type of boat that interests you!

What will be the cost for the association?

Your association pays an annual fee for the service we deliver. If the association wants to cover all or part of that cost, a fee can be charged by those who use the boat.

The fee will still be very cheap compared to renting a boat, and thus the boat does not actually have to cost the association a single kroner.

We recommend the association to charge at least some fee from those who book the boat. And we can take care of invoicing and follow-up of the boat’s use if you do not want to burden the association with that administration.

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