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Multi-purpose and modern boatlife as a member of the Boat Club!
No maintenance, no hassle, always access to a broad selection of sailboats, motorboats, jetskis, SUPs, sauna floats, etc.

Our ambition is to offer a problem-free, qualitative and multi-purpose boatlife.
We offer exclusively:

– A limited number of memberships, for good availability

– A broad selection of motorboats, sailboats, jetskis and other

– swift phone- and on-site-support if anything were to happen

– membership perks like sauna floats and discounts with selected partners

Nautilus ports

As a member you have access to the boats in all of our ports.
– Gustavsberg
– Pampas
– Gåshaga
– Karlslunds
– Tollare
– Stavsnäs vinterhamn

Gustavsberg is the home port of Nautilus, and there you can also find rental boats, charter, sauna float, jetskis, SUPs and full-service with cleaning etc.

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The Booking system builds on a couple of booking rules and bookings points. You can have a certain number of active bookings, and each boat costs a certain number of booking points each day. The rules and points are there to make the booking fair and limited.

Båtarna i Cluben

There are three booking rules.
Reusable Booking. Can be re-booked an unlimited number of times as soon as the current one has expired. More or less like booking a laundromat…

Bonus Booking. With the membership levels Comfort, Premium and Unlimited you can have another active booking once per season. This is often used to book the summer vacation.

Last minute booking. Can always be booked in addition to the two types above – within the next three days. E.g. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

The length of the respective booking depends on the boat. Small boats can be booked one day at a time, and larger boats up to 7 days per booking.

Pricing 2021, with table for booking points and boats.

Modern motor- and sailboats equipped with GPS, lifevests, porcellain and all other necessary equipment.

We can offer boats of many sizes and types in four categories. Everything from open motorboats, sailing boats, daycruisers and jetskis to larger boats where you can take your entire family on vacation.

The memberships Flex and Comfort give you access to the boats in category 1 and 2. Premium and Unlimited give you access to all four categories.

Boat Academy
If you don't have any experience - no problem! We offer a beginners course in navigation and practical boat management


After that, you’re ready to use the boats in Category 1 and 2.
The course is practical, and designed to give you basic safety on the sea.

To sign up for Premium or Unlimited, you already need to have experience with boats equal to those in category 3 and 4.

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