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As a boat owner in the Boat Club, you share your boat with other members and at the same time you get access to the other boats in the Club. You don't have to do any of the maintenance, and you can make money off of your boat!

When someone books your boat, you automatically get points put into your Club-account. These points can then be used in different ways.

You can use them to book another boat in the club, or let them accumulate and later redeem the points towards boat service or take them out in cash.

  • We take care of all the administrative and practical stuff.
  • showing and instructing new members of the club in usage
  • maintenance and checking of the boat after a rental
  • winter storage and seasonal maintenance
  • check of the bottom after a rental

Modern and easy-to-use boats

The boats in the Club should be a maximum of 8 years old. You can join with a boat you already have, or you can buy a boat to put into the club.

If you want to buy a boat we’d be happy to help you! We contact the sellers and can even help with financing.

All boats included in the club are checked by us in regards to condition, but also if it’s a model where there’s a demand.
See further down which boats we are looking for.

Full service on your boat

As a boat owner in the club you don’t need to pay any attention to the maintenance, we take care of it all! The boats in the club are serviced and taken care of all year. We make sure there’s a dock and winter storage, and take care of all the autumn-, winter- and spring service.

The club points you accumulate during the season normally pay for your service (depending on how much you’ve utilised other boats), and the surplus will be paid out in cash.

Wanted boats

We have a huge demand on these boats, and are looking for financiers who would like to own a boat in our Boat Club.

We are processing your request...