FLEX-Boat Subscription

5.000 kr

One-time payment Annual fee.



A very simple, flexible and affordable option for you who want easy access to a boat, but are unsure how much you will be able to book. You only commit to one season at a time.

In addition to the annual fee of SEK 5,000, you pay a booking fee when you book a boat. This is 5-50% cheaper than if you rent without a subscription.



  • Pay and Go booking
  • One booking at a time
  • Sailing and motor boats
  • Jet ski, kayak, SUP, etc
  • Maritime Assistance and Premium Assistance


Advantages of a subscription compared to renting a boat

  • access to all boats in the fleet
  • pick up and drop off the boat yourself, the time you want
  • no administration when picking up/dropping off a boat
  • >50% cheaper than renting without a subscription


To sign up for a subscription applies

  • you must be a private person
  • have a Swedish social security number
  • at least 25 years old
  • have at least a Driver's license and good experience with boats corresponding to the ones you will book
  • or register for our introductory training


The length of each booking is shown per boat. Small boats can be booked for e.g. 1 day at a time and larger boats up to 14 days per booking at the most.