Premium Boat Subscription

5.950 SEK/month

3.850kr per månad



This subscription fits well when you want to use the medium-sized boats. The booking credit is enough for about 20 days with these.
Binding period of only one season at a time.
Premium Assistens ingår. Tryggt att veta om nånting skulle hända när du är ute med en båt.

The length of each booking is shown per boat. Small boats can be booked for e.g. 1 day at a time and larger boats up to 14 days per booking at the most.



  • 48.000kr bokningskredit
  • Premium Assistens
  • Sailing and motor boats
  • Jet ski, kayak, SUP, etc
  • Free number of bookings / year
  • <4 användare för företag

Advantages over renting a boat

  • access to all boats in the fleet
  • more flexible booking rules
  • pick up and drop off the boat yourself whenever you want
  • up to 50% cheaper
  • better cancellation rules

To sign up for a subscription applies

  • can be signed privately or at companies
  • Swedish personal/organization number
  • users must be at least 25 years old
  • users must have adequate Nautical license
  • good practical boating experience
  • If you lack a certificate and/or experience, you can attend our introductory training
Abonnemangskostnad 46.200kr. 3.850kr dras månadsvis.
Including VAT private, excluding VAT company.